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Privacy Policy

Welcome to our website, ROI Realtors. We have come up with this privacy policy statement with an eye to demonstrating the firm and continuing the commitment to the privacy of personal information which is conferred to those that are visiting and interacting with the website. We promise to hold your personal information with utmost privacy. This write-up discloses the information that is gathered apart from the dissemination practices for the website.


A ROI Realtors, we understand the importance of rendering protection to the privacy. Our privacy policy is created with an eye to making you understand how we use, collect and protect your personal information provided to us and how we offer assistance in making the right decisions while using our website. There will be continuous assessment of these policies against different business practices, new technologies, and requirement of the customers.

Information collected by us

As you visit our website, we confer two different types of information: personal information that you willingly allow to disclose. This type of information is collected on an individual basis. Websites make use of such information which is collected on the aggregate basis as people visit the website. This is inclusive of the registration information and other personal information that you choose to provide.

As you accomplish registration for any of newsletters, services or product, you will impart details about yourself


Email details

If you select to communicate with us via the email, we retain the content of the email messages along with the email address and related communications. We confer the same protection to the electronic communication which is employed to maintain information which is received via telephone and email

Website Use Information

Like different commercial websites, we make use of a standard technology known as cookies along with different web server log files with an eye to collecting how the website is used. Information which is collected via web server logs and cookies are inclusive of time and data of the visits, the pages that are viewed, time which is spent at the website, and the websites that are visited prior and post to visiting our website.

Policy Modifications

Though the above-mentioned policies hold good now, there may be a change in them from time to time. As specific changes are made in our privacy policy, we will email you who have provided us permission in doing so. We will be posting any changes here. Hence, you should make sure to check back after specific periods of time. However, you can be assured that even though there is a change in our privacy policy in future, we will not be utilizing your personal details that you have submitted under the privacy policy in any way which is materially inconsistent with the privacy policy without any prior consent.

We understand the importance of maintaining privacy. We are very serious about maintaining privacy of our customers. We ensure that none of the personal details or any information provided to us by you is disclosed anywhere.