Tips to improve Vastu

Are you planing to decorate home? If yes, make sure to opt for those items that increases the vastu of the home. In accordance with the ancient study of architecture vastu, there are a wide array of home decor products that help in bringing an improvement in the finances and bringing wealth and prosperity at home.

An improvement in the vastu is going to improve the holistic well being of an individual. Here is a list of some tips that are beneficial in attaining financial prosperity and stability

The Entrance

If you design the entrance of the home according to the Vastu, it brings prosperity and happiness. The east or north direction happens to be ideal for the entrance gates. Utilizing teak wood for the entrance door helps in enhancing the vastu. For ensuring a positive environment at home, you need to make sure that the entrance is free from clutter and possess an ample amount of space for moving. Make sure not to keep footwear at the main door of the house as this may lead to a blockage in the flow of positive energy.

Placing Buddha statue at home

A Buddha statue is considered to be the symbol of harmony and peace and confers exotic touch to the door. It should be placed in the garden, kitchen or drawing room It is possible to install the life-size pieces in case you are looking for the aesthetic appeal in a very large space. It is recommended to install a large statue with an eye to attracting more positive energy.

Proper sleep

If you sleep in a room full of pungent smell, this may lead to adverse effects on the prosperity and peace. With an eye to avoiding this, you need to keep the windows open for a time duration of 20 minutes daily, letting the flow of fresh air. Adequate amount of natural lighting and proper ventilation helps in bringing the positive energy into the house along with the flow of money. While sleeping, make sure to place your hear in the Southern direction.

Money plants

Money plants, after placing indoors, can bring good luck and prosperity to home. It is suggested to keep the money plants in green vase in the northern direction with an eye to alluring money and other career opportunities. Bamboo plants, lush green fields, paintings of thick forest bring a lot of wealth and abundance.


Clocks are considered to be devices that energize the directions. You need to check if all the clocks in the house are working properly. According to Vastu, non-functional or slow clocks stand as a symbol of the delays or may lead to a stagnant in the finances. Placing the clocks in northeast or north direction is sure to bring prosperity and wealth.


Windchimes have gained high popularity in bringing money into the house. As you hang windchimes at the entrance of home, it will be welcoming wealth. Hanging the same at the bathroom entrance leads to a prevention of wealth from getting wasted. You should never hang windchimes in the place where you sleep as this brings negativity in life.